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Consulting Engineer
Core business area is advisory services and ownership through development, construction and operation of own micro, mini, small and hydroelectric power plants 

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Updated 2011-mar-18

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Nydalselva, Skei in Jolster [2009] A new hydro power plant Nydalselva poswer plant under planning for a capacity of 5 MW. The plant is expected commissioned during November 2010. 

Rud 2 & 3, Sogndal, Norway [2007-aug] 
The authorities NVE has released an acceptance to construct the Rud 2&3 and these HPPs will be constructed this year. 

Kaupanger 3 & 4, i Sogndal [2007-nov] 
The authorities NVE has given Kaupanger Energi as a concession to construct K3&4 power plants with a total installed capacity of 4 MW and an annual average generation capacity equal to 12 GWh. Tje project will be started immediatelyand commissioned during the 2009. 

Fjaerland [2007-okt] 
An agreement is signed with the Boyum community for 4 power plants. 

Kjaernes [2007-jul] 
An agreement is signed to develope and part-own the 630 kW mini power plant that already has got a license. Read more her  

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Sofienlund is a consulting services company with core business within the energy business and in particular emphasis on planning, development, operation and maintenance of hydro electric power plants.   

Nydalselva Kraftverk under construction

Nydalselva kraftverk

Kjaernes commissioned
Kjærnes minikraftverk was started up on 4th dec. 2010. 

K3 commissioned 4th jan 2010
Kaupanger 3 power plant is trough the test period and is by now handed over to Kaupanger Energi AS. 

A top modern HPP and a new invention related to dam construction by use of shot-crete with good result. 

Svatsum 2 commissioned 
Svasum 2 hydropower plant at 1800 kW was commissioned on time on budget om june 1st. 

Heimseta MHP commissioned  
Heimseta hydropower plant in Gloppen, Norway was successfully commissioned and put into test operation on 22nd May 2008. For further information see Heimseta.  

Ruhudji Hydropower Project
An agreement for mutual develoment of the project has been agreed entailing Vi har fått en avtale om å planlegge, designe og bygge dette spennende kraftverket på 13 MW i Tanzania samt mulighet til en betydelig andel i et medeierskap.  

The poer plant has a 1 km long headrace channel dimmensioned for 40 m3/sec og and an apx. 200 m penstock. The plant will likely get a vertical Kaplan turbine with the following arrangement. For more information, push ... here ...

Fonhus 1 mini hydro plant 
was constructed on short time 6 months and was commissioned om 7. April 2004. 
Digging of penstock in a 37 degree slope. This is about equal to the slope of the huge ski jumping arenas. Read more ... here ...

Fonhus 2 mini hydro plant 
is under planning and an application for concession is currently being issued. The project will utilise the water falls in the Liabekken located close to Fonhus 1. We have executed an hydrological mitigation of the stream and hope to continue with construction soon. 

Hydrologic Mitigation dam (left)

Fonhus, Sor-Aurdal - 355m & 600kW

Stuttgongfossen,  Vaga 24m & 1200kW

Heimseta in Gloppen - 49m & 1350kW

Kaupanger 3 in Sogndal 390m & 4800kW

Knutfoss in Grong -   61m & 5000 kW

Nydalselva in Skei - 720m & 5000 kW

Rud 1 in Sogndal


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